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                  Our Brands

                  Through innovation and advanced technology, FULING brings more to the table with style, quality and performance in the most expansive line of upscale disposables.  Offering several tiers of value-added solutions, foodservice operators can tailor each presentation to the budget and style of each event.

                  Disposable solutions from FULING address the need for a formal presentation while eliminating breakage worries along with the high costs associated with renting or owning (cleaning, transporting and replacing).  With this reduction, operators can also lower the labor costs that are involved in cleaning and transporting.  An added benefit of disposable talbeware is the convenience connected with carry out, drop and go, and off-premise catering presentations.

                  Caterers, restaurants, supermarkets and other foodservice operations have come to rely on FULING as the premier innovator of elegant disposable plastic products.  FULING upscale products provide all the benefits of a disposable without sacrificing style!